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We are a valuable resource of services and support. Empowering individuals with  disabilities to live their life the way they choose and to their fullest potential. 

Mission Statement: 

Grace Support Services is dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals in an  environment full of grace and respect. Individuals will connect with their community  and reach their personal goals in an setting centered on health and safety. Our team  utilizes person centered planning to teach life skills to empower individuals to make  choices and increase independence. Individuals that we support will have an elevated  quality of life by contributing to their community through building relationships,  working, volunteering and/or recreational involvement.


DDA Guiding Values 

● Inclusion 

● Status and Contribution 

● Relationships 

● Power & Choice 

● Health & Safety 

● Competence  


Our Values:   

Grace​ - We always take the opportunity to accept it through praying for grace,  watching for grace, giving grace and receiving grace. 

Respect​ - We strive to create a culture of mutual respect for the individuals we support  and their families.  This culture will reach to other important people in our clients lives,  and the lives of our staff and administration. 

Team Work​ - We work together to achieve goals.  We are all contributing members to  the success of the individuals we serve. 

Communication-​ We value and support open and honest communication. 

Advocacy​ - We are here to advocate for the the individuals that we support so that they  can have their dreams and goals met.  We will stand beside them and be a voice for those  that need support. 

Inclusion​ - We value the right and ability for the individuals we support to be included  in their community.  

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